Singapore’s Bishan – Hottest Property Area?

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When you are looking to buy or invest in property in Singapore, you will need to consider several factors. For those who are new in town, proximity to their school or office gains topmost priority. Again, the rent in different neighborhoods vary as per the real estate prices. Every neighborhood in Singapore is characterized by the proximity to the central business district areas and connectivity. Residential and transportation facilities and other accessibility features determine the levels of rent in different neighborhoods.

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The Flats in Bishan New Town consists of a mixture of three, four and even five room apartments. These are HDB flats which are in the public housing estate in this area. The flats range from 1650 sq feet to 1700 q feet in the larger sizes while the smaller flats range from 1300 to 1500 sq feet. If you are looking to invest in real estate in Bishan region of Singapore, look up the following links for related information. You can also get in touch with us with rental queries and for other real estate services.

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Connectivity options

Connectivity is one of the strong points of Bishan region in Singapore. It is connected to the rest of the country by the Central Expressway. It also has its Mass Rapid Transit network, a bus interchange and transit services.

Singapore’s New View on Eco-Towns

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punggol waterway singapore

The global community has been become increasingly aware of the need for cleaner and greener way to live. With an increasing population, the demand for new technologies is required to make this need a reality. Our ideas on how to implement these technology will also have to be redesigned to make this plan feasible. This is a monument us goal that will not be able to be implemented over night. It will take a lot of dedicated people to make this idea a reality.

The Housing and Development Board of Singapore is helping to make this happen. Under the Punggol Waterway Masterplan, They are committed to reshaping the way the Singapore people live and interact with their city. They will design their new towns with the purpose of offering its residence all the facilities they need to be. These facilities will be able to be designed to meet all the needs for work, living, and recreational. All the while being a clean and eco-friendly town that will be able to be self-sustainable.

For example, the Punggol Waterway Ridges is a built to order flat alongside the beautiful waterway canal. It is sustainable housing built with eco and green materials, most of the building materials are recyclable.

Punggol waterway - new eco town

To make this grand project a reality will require to balance three key concepts. New building must be designed and built that will be able to be able to flourish is this tropical area. These builds will need to be able to harness the elements of nature such as the sun, wind and rain. They will also need to educate the people in the way of green living. It will take the people working together to make this a reality. Lastly they will need to recycle, balance water and improve waste management. Only once these concept are balance will their dream of a sustainable future become their reality.